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You are finally heading off to Disneyland for a 3 day adventure and you find yourself packing everything except the kitchen sink. If you are anything like me, you over pack for your vacations! After being a flight attendant for several years and living out of a suitcase carrying all of my daily essentials including meals, I learned a few tricks. One of the most important items I learned was how to pack lightly, literally. This really relates to our everyday Disneyland visits as there are many necessary items to take to the parks. It’s so easy to over pack your backpack and end up with a sore back just two hours into your day! I have compiled some of my tips to share with you on how to pack your most essential items for your Disneyland adventure!

First and foremost you must take a backpack to the Disneyland Resort! This will save you money and stress, as well as allowing you to carry your essential items! For all the ladies, this means leave your purse behind! Keep in mind to not bring your overnight hiking backpack, this leaves too much room to over pack! If you are a larger family, I recommend two smaller backpacks instead of one large one. Again, you will want to pack lightly as you need to save your back for the next 3 days of walking around the Disneyland Resort. Here are the items I recommend you pack that I cannot be without whether I am visiting Disneyland or DCA for a few hours or an extended day.

1. Cell phones – Let’s face it, you need to have your cell phone! You and your family may decide to split up and head to different attractions or shows, and meeting up without a cell phone can be stressful and time consuming. Also, if you are anything like me, I am a huge cell phone camera user, just snap, edit and post to my favorite social media sites! I always accompany my cell phone with my portable pocket chargers, these are fantastic to give you a re-charge mid-day! Plus they are small and easy to carry!
2. Sunglasses/Hat – Technically you may never put these items in your backpack, but regardless of the weather forecast you will want to have these essential items with you. Also, this is no time for your expensive designer items, leave them safe and sound at home. Purchase a few cheap sunglasses/hats for each person in the family, these are easily lost in all the fun and can be pricey to replace inside the parks!
3. Water/Snacks – Let’s face it, no one wants to spend $3.00 for a bottle of water when you can get a case for about the same price! Your little ones will be tempted by every food cart and restaurant and while I believe Disney Dining is part of the experience and I always partake in it, I am always prepared with some water and snacks. These snacks and water really come in handy when in long waits or in between meals.
4. Mini First Aid Kit – Okay, so you must think I am crazy, however, there really are some items I don’t leave out of my backpack for my Disney Parks visits. I pretty much use these items every time I visit. So what are they you ask? Sunblock, lip balm, anti-bacterial sanitizer, headache medication, and Band-Aid’s/blister care! I promise, for obvious reasons, you will want to have these items in your backpack!
5. Light Sweaters – While California weather is amazing year round, a light sweater is one of my essential items! It can really come in handy when the winds picks up at night or as a little cushion to sit on while watching a parade or show!

You may think I left out a bunch of items, and of course depending on plans for the day there are other essential items that you will want to bring. Just keep in mind to pack lightly and save your back! I hope my go-to items help you prepare for your next visit to stay with us at Ramada Maingate – At The Park while you visit the Disneyland Resort!


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Ramada Maingate At The Park is Changing

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We are proud to announce that on February 2nd 2016, Ramada Maingate At The Park will officially be called Grand Legacy At The Park, a new independent hotel with ​a lot of history​ ​in the heart of the Disneyland Resort. Currently you can stay in one of our newly remodeled rooms and in early 2016 you will be able to experience our brand new lobby, suites, breakfast room, meeting space, several retail outlets, and a spacious rooftop bar and lounge! Please note that construction is still underway at the property and every effort will be made to minimize noise and disturbance to guests. ​Be sure to stay up to date with our latest progress on Facebook​, ​Twitter​, and Instagram.